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Top 10 Ways a Woman Can Get Ahead in Business


Women have been occupying positions of power in business for many years, some of them you may know and others you would never believe worked their way to the top. Most of the women who have broken through the “glass ceiling” have several things in common that have helped them get to where they are.


While some people talk about how women aren’t able to do things like men can when it comes to business, there are plenty of women that prove this wrong every single day. It seems that it is more about the drive and desire to get to where they want to be in life. This is also why many of the most powerful and successful women have several things in common and the would highly agree with much of the things on our list.


10 Things That Powerful Women Do in order to Stay Ahead


#1 Seek mentoring from other powerful women – Emulating the things that other powerful women do is one of best things any aspiring business leader can do and choosing only the most successful women as a mentor is a great place to start.


#2 Never giveaway away knowledge for free – Be sure that you are always well compensated when it comes to sharing your knowledge. Far too many times people are asked to give advice with the offer of anything in return.


#3 Don’t intentionally undervalue getting paid what you think you are worth – Don’t be afraid of wanting to get as much money as you feel your contribution to the business is worth. If you play too cautious, you may not get what you are truly worth.


#4 Invest wisely and often – These days the most successful and powerful women are always looking for the next best thing to invest their money in that offers them the biggest and best return on their investment.


#5 Be your own boss when it comes to spending money – It is your money and you worked hard to earn it, so don’t let anyone make decisions on how you spend your money. Be the boss and make your own decisions.


#6 Take advantage of social networking every chance you get – Social networking and social media are two of the leading ways today’s powerful women get to the top of their respective industries.


#7 Don’t be afraid to walk away from a bad job situation – Not all jobs and positions are created equal and getting tied down to a job that you don’t like or that doesn’t offer any chance of upward mobility is a situation that you should avoid.


#8 Manage your own stressors – Stress and the situations that cause stress in your can be a truly debilitating thing and it should be avoided at all cost. You should do your best to attack them head on and one at a time.


#9 Don’t let obstacles get in your way of getting what you want – In the business world there are almost always some amount of obstacles that get placed in your way and you must resist letting them get in your way of what you want to achieve.


#10 Don’t let what others think to get in your way – Don’t ever let yourself be paralyzed by the fear of what other people think and you and your abilities and goals in business. This is the number one killer of careers for far too many women.


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