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How to Reprogram Yourself for Greater Success

There have been hundreds of psychology books written that tackle the functioning of human mind. But, did you know that self-concept plays an important role in human behavior and performance?

This self-concept serves as the master program of a person’s subconscious. Every feeling, thought, emotion, decision, and experience you have ever had is recorded for good on this mental hard drive. After being recorded, the impressions will have an effect on how you behave, feel, and think from that point onwards.

The real secret to achieve your fullest potential is to improve your self-concept and form new thinking habits as to what is possible for you.

The Ideal Self

Self-concept’s first part is your ideal self. It is your ideal image of yourself. Successful, happy, and high-performing people have very positive and clear self-ideals. They have definite ideas of attributes and values of people they admire and like to emulate. When you have greater clarity of the ideal person you like to be, you will find it faster to move toward becoming the person, and more opportunities are going to open up for you to turn your ideal future vision into reality.

Create Positive Role Models

Based on research, it was discovered that a lot of people who were able to achieve greater things had, during their younger days, been avid readers of autobiographies and biographies of successful people. By continuously immersing yourself in stories of people who achieved wonderful things, you will unconsciously identify with these people and absorb their virtues and values in your own personality.

Your Personality Gets Shaped by Your Values

The values you pick to live by can shape your achievements and personality. Once you take time in forming absolute clarity about the qualities and values you admire the most, you start to direct your entire personality and identify the results you attain in the future. The result is that you attract different opportunities and people into your life. You start moving more quickly to getting your most important goals.

The Way You See Yourself

Self-image is the second aspect of self-concept, which says that how you see yourself inside will largely determine how you will perform outside. When you see yourself as productive, successful, popular, and positive on the inside, this is also exactly how you will act outside.

The self-image is usually referred to as inner mirror. It is the mirror you look into before you engage in any crucial event. When you see yourself as successful and confident before you meet a new person, apply for a job, or make a presentation, this is how you will be performing during the actual situation.

Your Personality’s Core

The last part of self-concept is self-esteem, or your personality’s emotional component. Most psychologists agree that self-esteem is the most vital aspect of your personality which largely predicts your failure or success in all areas of your life. By liking yourself more, you will do better, and when you do better, you will also like yourself more.

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