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The Female Breadwinners Survival Guide

Are you one of the millions of modern female breadwinners who are trying to juggle work and family responsibilities? If yes, then, you might want to read this short survival guide to help you get through your everyday struggles.

Ditch the Superwoman Syndrome

Remove that superwoman cape, and accept the fact that you can’t do it all, and it’s okay. Yes, it is perfectly okay if you cannot do everything. No one will judge you for that.

Keep Your Ego in Check

The combination of being your home’s breadwinner and your role at work can make you think and feel that you are the only one who’s got a say in the relationship. When you find yourself thinking that it is only your opinion that matters because you hold the purse strings, you better start checking your ego.

Don’t Forget You Have a Choice, Always

Although you might not have chosen to be the breadwinner, you can always choose the attitude you use in your situation. Be in full control of all your emotions.

Take Care of Your Physical, Mental Wellbeing

Your spiritual, mental, and physical health is important, and you can avoid any future painful derailment of your family and work life if you take care of all these areas. Make sure you have some time for yourself. You can go on dates, dance classes, or retreats every now and then. Meditation is also a great idea. Try to do things that can restore balance and give you some space to breathe and forget about your roles and worries in life.

Discuss Money

Never let the money issue remain unspoken. Talk about it with your partner to decide who will manage it, how to manage it, and how financial decisions will be made. See to it that there are open lines of communication about money, your work, and your relationship.

Say No to Guilt

Guilt is going to drain to drain all your energy and robbing you of your freedom of enjoying your time and life with your loved ones. Remember that you don’t have to sacrifice your happiness just so others will be happy, too. Always think of quality instead of quantity when it comes to time.

Maintain Your Femininity

As the main earner, there might be times that you feel like you are both the woman and man of the house. You can still need without having to be needy. Let yourself be cherished, vulnerable, and taken care of at times.

Share and Celebrate with Other Women

Sharing your experiences is a wonderful way of embracing women who are breadwinners like yourself. This is an invaluable chance to learn from one another. Look for ways on how you can share your story.

Acknowledge Your Interdependence

You are just kidding yourself if you think that you are an independent woman. The truth is that everyone is interdependent. There is a complex web support surrounding you for your life to work. so notice and acknowledge what you need to keep the system thriving and healthy.

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