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My 8 Business Practices That Increase Productivity

America is seeing a decline in productivity, and statistics revealed this disturbing fact. However, this trend will not do any good both for entrepreneurs and salaried workers.

This alarming discovery is what led me to come up with some business practices which can help boost productivity, and these include the following:

Beat Afternoon Doldrums

While doing so, stay away from those energy drinks mostly loaded with caffeine and sugar. Opt for a different energy booster instead such as green tea.

Focus on Making More Value at Work

Determine one action or habit you do daily that detract from your productivity, and get rid of it. After doing that, you will head towards the right direction. You can also replace this bad habit with something more valuable, a good example of which is humor.

Avoid Distractions

Mobile apps can usually tempt you to escape those mundane tasks, and indulge in an exciting zombie game instead. Treat yourself to a 30-minute reward to kill those zombies after work once you have completed a subject.

Start the Day the Night Before

Prepare your work clothes, check tomorrow’s traffic and weather forecasts, and plug in your coffee maker. Don’t drink alcohol and caffeinated drinks after 6 in the evening. Sleep early. This should be your form of training for the productivity sport. Break this training during holidays and weekends.

Live a Healthier Life

Many small business owners are busy 24 hours a day. They devour snacks instead of getting a good healthy meal, and they pull long nighters. While there is nothing wrong with working hard for success, this can also lead to poor health. Productivity is about working steadily to reach a goal but it must not burn you out to the point that you end up in a hospital. Break your goals to bite-sized and small chunks of tasks which can be completed in less than one hour. Take some small breaks in between where you do healthy things such as munching on radishes and celery, or taking deep breaths.

Cap Business Meetings at Only 15 Minutes

It might sound impossible, but try doing it and you will see the big difference it can make in your productivity levels.

Don’t Neglect You Employees

Being an entrepreneur, you have to know that your workers will never be productive or happy when they worry too much about relating productivity to compensation. What you should do instead is work talk to them to come up with ways for making their job a source of pleasure and pride. Show them you care about them, and don’t just give bonuses and awards.

Don’t Be Too Reactive

Proper time management is important for every startup’s success. All emails don’t have to be answered instantly. Every person stopping by your desk doesn’t have to eat up more than 30 minutes with idle chitchat. You don’t need to give immediate response to all voicemails. Focus on priorities and don’t react to every immediate stimulus.

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