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5 Reasons to Join the New Wave of Women Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship used to be a male-dominated endeavor, but a new wave of women entrepreneurs are changing the game. Times have changed, and they’re still changing for the better! It’s statistically proven that in recent years women in the US have been earning more degrees, have comprised of over half of the labor force, and have occupied more management positions. All of these point to a natural affinity and capability for working hard and slipping into an entrepreneurial role with little difficulty.

If you are passionate and driven woman, and have a great idea that you want to nurture and develop, you should consider launching your own business and being your own boss! Here are five reasons why now is the best time to take the plunge.

#1 You Can Learn From More Role Models and Mentors Than Ever Before

In the past, women in business were the exception–great early examples are Estee Lauder, Coco Chanel, and Ruth Fertel with Ruth’s Chris Steak House–but these days that’s not the case. There are successful female entrepreneurs even in fields not traditionally known for being female friendly, like tech and finance; for example, HTC co-founder Cher Wang or Bet365 founder Denise Coates. Local networking will also likely turn up female small business owners hopefully willing to teach you a thing or two. After all, you can pay it forward and become a mentor yourself when the next wave of women entrepreneurs arrives.

#2 You Can Empower Women and Support Gender Equality

If you’ve ever been passed up for a promotion, expected to forgive a mildly sexist remark, or otherwise made to feel the pressure of that mythical corporate glass ceiling, then you know that making sure that there’s gender equality in the workplace is easier said than done. When you are the CEO, you get to make the rules and create a corporate culture that empowers women instead of making them feel like they have to adapt to a male-dominated environment. You don’t need to smash the glass ceiling; you can just change the architecture completely.

#3 You Can Choose When and Where to Work

Yes, being your own boss means that you no longer have to stick to a typical 9-to-5 office environment unless that’s what you prefer. You can set your own hours and support your ideal work/life balance. Want to spend more time with your aging parents or your young children? No problem. Want to avoid the daily commute and expensive lunches out? You can do that, too. Many new business start small. You can even stay home and work out of your bedroom, garage or living room, if you want.

#4 Your Multi-Tasking and Collaborative Skills Are a Competitive Advantage

Studies have shown that women typically have higher emotional intelligence than men, however slight the difference may be. This ability to perceive, understand and work with feelings translates to better leadership; because there’s more empathy, self-awareness and even a higher chance of developing a good sense of purpose and well-being. Higher EQ also usually means that you’re better at collaboration and multi-tasking, which is important when it comes to forming partnerships and relationships with other entrepreneurs and businesses.

#5 You Can Earn More

The gender pay gap is real, and even worse for women of color; anyone who denies this is willfully ignoring facts and statistics. Instead of working at an office with the knowledge that you earn less than a man doing the same job, why not just run a company so you can pay yourself? If you’re worried about diving head first into something that’s not risk-free, you can start small. Keep your job and start a part-time venture–open up another stream of income, like an online store, to supplement your salary and gradually scale up.

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