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3 C’s of Success Pivoting by Andrea

Success pivoting is an art that helps business owners determine the perfect time to release a partner or rebrand. This is also what inspires a long term employee that have been terminated to have the courage to pursue a different field,

The ability to pivot, or also called mental adaptability and flexibility, is among the top ten skills every employer look for. This is also a crucial skill that every entrepreneur needs.

This amazing ability to pivot is not just an important ingredient for success in today’s business world for this is also a vital element for you to develop a resilient mindset to flourish no matter what the situation is.

Everyone must now how to do go about with success pivoting if they plan to thrive in this fast-paced world with lots of hurting people. Here are the 3 Cs to have a successful pivoting in whatever situation.


Confidence can come naturally if you know that you are ready in making the next best steps in reaching your goals. With no confidence, you will feel hesitant to say Yes or No to things that that will serve your best interest or will not help you meet your goals. Confidence is important for success pivoting because without it, you will never have the courage of taking the steps that will lead you to pivot.


Clarity is often a byproduct of a great time to contemplate. Clarity happens when your inner coach voice manages to come through clear and loud with the next best steps you can take. Clarity happens when indecision is set aside. Determination and focus on SMART goals is clarity. This is important to pivot as this lets you release your indecisions and organize yourself using clear goals.


Contemplation is giving yourself time to create some space required to take a quick break away from the chaos and distractions of life. it could be an everyday practice of meditation, prayer, walking in nature, journal writing, exercising, or other things which let you escape outside stressors and influences. This is the time for you to observe the emotions and thoughts in your mind, not to judge them and instead, to take inventory of your mental state. It means that this is the time where you can be completely honest with yourself as you acknowledge being overwhelmed but that you still learned lessons, a time for you to weigh the pros and cons of every situation. Contemplation is a vital key before any pivot since this helps you not to lose your values and voice when faced by stresses, fears, and outside influences.

These 3Cs are very simple yet once overlooked, can cause you a lot of energy and time. Without these, you will just let life happen to you instead o taking responsibility to live a life on purpose. So, even if it may seem difficult to carve some time for self-care or say no to requests from other people that don’t serve you, it is definitely a must to live a life according to your own terms.

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