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We bring your ideas to reality by teaching you how to promote and sell your products. We are always coming out with new products, powered by women, so keep coming back to see what we are launching next.

Make Your Idea a Reality

Create an idea: everyone sees the world from different perspectives and might have an idea or concept that could make the world a better place.

Submit your idea: write a clear description, sketch a design and use pre-existing products, as examples, if needed. Hypothetically, describe how your product or idea might change the world.

How it Works

Is any one else doing this?

The Chickstarter team reviews any legalities, patents and competition.

Manufacturing research and sourcing outreach

If your ideas makes it to this phase, the team reaches out to factories and distributors to gain insight on interest and cost.

Marketing strategy and budget

If the factories and distributors are interested then we will strategize on a marketing plan and budget.

Product execution, launch and promo push

Once we’ve established everything in the previous phases, then the Chickstarter team will formally partner with you and turn your idea into reality.

Give Back

Donating is very important to the Chickstarter and because of this, a percentage of all sales and proceeds are given back to Chick organizations and the Chick community in need.

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